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John Harwood

John Middleton Harwood.

John Harwood is the author of this series of volumes describing the defence of the North-East of the United Kingdom during the 20th century, with particular reference to North Yorkshire and Cleveland. He was also responsible for the significant research task involved.

Mr Harwood is Civil Engineer and previously held positions as Deputy City Engineer and Chief Assistant Engineer in Liverpool; he was also Traffic Planner for the City of Leicester. He was one of the first qualified Traffic Engineers in the United Kingdom. He was a pioneer in the development of extensive, computer based, Land Use Transportation studies and has published many papers on this topic at the IBM European Education Centre in the Netherlands.

After a period in local government he became a Consulting Engineer and Management Consultant, and directed a number of studies internationally.

Prior to this, he was a commissioned officer in the Corps of Royal Engineers followed by some years in the Emergency Reserve. One of his first tasks in 1948, as a pupil of Civil Engineering, was to complete a detailed survey of the coastal defence system along the frontage of the Borough of Redcar.

Over the years he has provided assistance to the Imperial War Museum and English Heritage, as and when his expertise were required.

In 1995, The Imperial War Museum commissioned a nationwide survey of the “invasion period” [1939 to 1941] intending to identify defence systems within the United Kingdom. At a joint meeting with English Heritage it was decided that the task should be completed on an “area by area” basis. Mr Harwood was asked if he would direct the survey covering North Yorkshire and Cleveland.

As well as devising survey and research methods the task required the recruitment of volunteers and a key management team, as well as specifying the precise nature of sites to be recorded. There was an enthusiastic response to the request for volunteers, from members of the population from the Civil Parishes that formed, to a significantly degree, the ‘old North Riding of Yorkshire’. Over four hundred volunteers contributed.

It was fortunate that Stuart McMillan volunteered to contribute to the project, as his considerable skills in photography and graphic design have contributed significantly to the quality of the published works.

The project was fortunate enough to be able to deploy a modified, computerised database devised from a joint program developed by both the North Yorkshire National Park and North Yorkshire County Council, in order to store all surveyed data.

So successful was the response to the request for survey volunteers, that it was decided to extend our survey to cover all means of ‘defence’. This meant all civilian, industrial, military contributions, as well as those made by volunteers within our study area for the period 1895-2010.

After more than twenty years of work, Mr Harwood has directed the publication of a series of volumes that describe the ‘defence’ components of all Civil Parishes contained within the boundaries of North Yorkshire of Cleveland.





Stuart McMillian.

Stuart McMillan is a Photographer and a renowned artist.

Stuart can trace his family on his mothers’ side though Billingham, Norton and Middlesbrough were his mother was born and brought up. Through his mothers’ side, Stuart can also trace his family roots through Staithes and Hinderwell. On his fathers’ side, Stuart can trace his family through Fife in Scotland were his father was brought up and Kells in Southern Ireland were his Grandfather was born and brought up.

Stuart was born in the then county of North Yorkshire on a farm on the South slopes of Eston Hills and raised in East Cleveland, attending schools in; Moorsholm, Guisborough, Castleton, Margrove Park and Stanghow Lane School in Skelton. He continued his schooling at Brotton County Modern later Warsett, Redcar Technical College and completing his academic career at Teesside College of Art.

After leaving further education, Stuart began working for a publishing company in Middlesbrough before becoming a freelance photographer and illustrator working for such companies Middlesbrough FC and Teesside Training Enterprise Council. Commercial jobs included photographing a Miss World competition and working in the wedding photography and commercial industry for over 30 years before retiring.

Mr McMillan now spends his time and talents working on the Defence of the UK books and has been doing so for over fifteen years.

Stuart currently resides in Skelton-in-Cleveland and is married with one child.

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