Whitby Volume 2


This volume contains details of 20 civil parishes, including Cloughton and Hinderwell. typical sites described are the Cold War “rotor” radar site at Goldsborough the “starfish” decoy site at Fylingdales and the principal live firing range and Jugger Howe
ISBN: 978-1-906922-00-9


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  1. John Goodall says:

    Wakefield, West Yorkshire 21 November 2013
    Dear John Harwood,
    What a mammoth task you have achieved with the publication of your researches on the military defences of North Yorkshire and Cleveland!
    My father LAC 1134543 (Goodall, John A.) served with the RAF during WW2 and was at some point stationed at a radar installation at Boulby Barn near Staithes. He was later deployed with RAF 6 Air Transportable Signals Unit in the Normandy landings and then in Norway. I am keen to find out as much as I can about Boulby – (e.g. Was it linked in with RAF Danby Beacon?) – and would be grateful if you would let me know in which of your volumes I may be able to find information on this site, with a view to acquiring a copy. Kind regards, John Goodall