New book sheds light on Middlesbrough’s wartime role

Middlesbrough book

THE ROLE Middlesbrough has played in helping to defend the country over the last 100 years is detailed in a new book.Years of painstaking research have gone into creating the Middlesbrough volume of Defence of the UK.It is one of a series of books detailing war-time defences in much of the former North Riding of Yorkshire. The work was put together by volunteers from the North Yorkshire and Cleveland 20th Century defence study group.Highlighted in the book are:Middlesbrough Dock which played a major role in the transportation of war material;Vessels built and repaired on the Tees;Air raid shelters, and Air defence installations including the basing of heavy anti-aircraft guns in Brambles Farm and Saltersgill. The origins of the book stem from 1995 when representatives from the Imperial War Museum and the Royal Commission on Historic Buildings launched a national programme to record all physical evidence of the defence of the United Kingdom.A group led by John Harwood, from Glaisdale, was set up to cover our area.Research and writing was led by Mr Harwood with graphic design and photography by Stuart McMillan.Mr McMillan has now presented a copy of the book to Mayor Ray Mallon. Mr McMillan, 53, a retired professional photographer from Skelton, said: “It is amazing the amount of information people have given us.”Mr Mallon said: “This is an important piece of research.”