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  1. Peter Scott says:

    Hi again Stuart,

    We spoke on the phones about 3 weeks or so ago and I asked for one of the Defence of the UK: Redcar : North Yorkshire & Cleveland (I am unsure which version is best but I think you said Vol 2) for my mother.

    As it’s been so long I assume there’s a problem, or it hasn’t been posted out. Could you let me know please?

    The reason for the interest is that during the Second World War, my Grandfather, Robert hardy, was part of an organised resistance cell; to attack, harass and generally cause the enemy as many problems as possible if we were invaded, in much the same was The Resistance did in mainland Europe. He told my mother after the war, about a school at Fairfield (believed to be Fairfield Secondary Modern – now known as Ian Ramsey Church of England School http://www.ianramsey.org.uk/) which was only partly built at the start of the Second World War, where there was a cache of food, equipment, explosives and weapons, which was to be used as a concealed defensive base if needed.

    Peter Scott
    17 Pump Lane
    LE14 3SH

    It’s a present for my mother, so please could I get it before Christmas?


    Peter Scott

    Mobile: 07877 082 602

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