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Each local authority district is dedicated to one or more volumes. Each volume comprises descriptions of defence systems which are located in each Parish, within each district, in alphabetical order.

The period studied extends mainly throughout the 20th century, however, in some cases both the 19th and 21st centuries are concurrently examined. The currently published volumes span such as districts of Cleveland and Ryedale, which in turn will be followed by districts such as Hambledon and Richmondshire as well as Catterick Garrison. All Civil Parishes within these districts are to be described throughout the series.

Each site is provided with a Statutory Record Number, a “class” type, a ten digit National Grid Reference Number, a description of  the condition, the source of the information provided together with a description of the role[s] of the site. Where a class is described for the first time in a volume, a detailed overview of the class is provided.

There are some six thousand classes contained in the series, these include any activity concerned with Defence of the Realm. Military and industrial examples are; the submarine mining establishment at the mouth of the River Tees in 1895, the Fylingdales Early Warning System, Whitby and the flax/linen manufacture at Brompton. Civilian examples include; Civil Defence in both World Wars  and the Women Timber Corps. All sites are supplemented by photographs and artist’s impressions in colour.

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