4-18-2011-17-12-36_008This series of unique volumes provides a complete picture of all defence sites contributing to the Defence of the Realm within what was the old North Riding of Yorkshire and parts of bordering counties during the 20th century.


With confidence it can be said that the majority, if not all, of the sites which were introduced during the aforementioned century are described. ┬áThere are over 2,000 different ‘classes’ of defence sites described, both military, civil and industrial. It could be said that the districts described represent the UK as a whole.


In total 14 local authority districts are included, each of the volumes contain unique descriptions of the sites and systems within local Civil Parishes. In total, the entire collection, to date, comprises 180 parishes.


The extensive research was only possible with help of volunteers from each parish over a twenty year period. This in itself is a unique achievement.


Specialist commentators have stated that this seventeen volume series is a significant contribution to the history of the Defence of the Realm


These volumes are fully illustrated in colour, and also contain photographs and artist’s impressions throughout.

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